At Dalton Trucking and Logistics, safety is always our first consideration. Exceptional customer service is the characteristic that has kept Dalton successful since 1970. In fact, when one of our customers approached Del Britton, Intermodal Manager for Dalton Logistic Services (909-823-0663 xt 2100), and suggested we manage off-loading rolled steel onto low bed delivery vehicles at our rail siding, he was happy to do so. What does it take to safely handle coiled steel that weighs over 58,500 pounds per roll off of a railcar? Dalton’s answer is “Tall Bird”, a monster forklift rated at 63,000 pounds. This massive piece of machinery started its life in the Navy, and has continued its career with Dalton Logistic Services, where handling rolled steel, rebar, and other heavy and hard to manage loads is done regularly. Pictured here is “Tall Bird” picking up a roll of steel rated at 58,430 pounds and removing it from the rail car. Del called Matt Klenske, VP of the Low Bed/Flatbed Division of Dalton Trucking (ext. 1560), to access the low bed tractor/trailer combination for delivery once it is offloaded. Another picture shows this roll being positioned on a low bed trailer, where it will be properly secured and then delivered to our customer. Dalton Low Bed Division regularly handles high density/oversized/overweight loads with up to nine axle combinations, capable of moving 240,000 pounds on a specialized trailer. When asked if these types of challenges are worrisome, Del responded that ingenuity has always been a hallmark of Dalton; where safely going the extra mile for customer service will always be our motto.

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