Dalton Trucking Inc. offers specialized services in open top bulk transportation, lowbed, general freight on flatbeds and vans, as well as rail service, intermodal and 3PL services

Heavy Haul


Heavy Haul


9-Axle: Todd Peirce @ (909) 823-0663 ext. 1561. Cell (951) 743-6518
5-Axle: Mike Bigham @ (909) 823-0663 ext. 1562. Cell (951) 743-2345
We operate 20 Lowbed Power Units and 30-plus combinations. These include eight 9-axles. We also operate four jeep and dolly combinations capable of handling 657E’s. We have two shop-built rebar cage carriers capable of handling 130′ x 130 ton rebar cages for freeway flyover columns. Super heavy, large diameter (12’+) pipe is a specialty.
We have extensive experience with both the BNSF and UP Railroads, as well as the DOD and Military Traffic Command. Our drivers are the best in the industry.

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