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No, it is not a mobile gallows! The vehicle pictured above is a specially modified water truck used for cleaning out rail hopper cars. The truck was modified to serve Dalton Logistical Service’s recently completed warehouse and railcar transloading facility on Slover Avenue adjacent to the Colton Railyards. Dalton fabricators began with a normal water truck and engineered a platform that allows a crewmember to climb to the upper level and blast the interior of a hopper car to clean it prior to reloading. The gallows-like arm is actually a lanyard anchor that allows a harnessed hose operator to safely walk from the upper platform of the truck to the top of the hopper car without risk of falling. Dalton welders and safety personnel worked hard to refine the design in order to maximize ease of use and safety. Preliminary reports are that it is working well. Currently, it is being used to wash out cars prior to loading colored roof shingle granules. Contamination can be a real problem in the transport of granules, and this water truck is just one of the measures Dalton employs to ensure purity. The new DLS facility is available for industrial, bulk, and food grade commodity warehousing and transloading. Give us a call today and let Dalton meet your transloading needs.